4 Alternatives to Finishing High School

There are many different routes to getting your high school degree.

High School Degree

A high school degree can go a long ways.

  • Lowers the chance for unemployment rate.
  • Offers greater educational opportunities for the future.
  • Knowledge is power; learn the skills that'll help you progress in your day to day.
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    The GED

    The GED offers you the ability to get a high school degree by taking a test. The test is about seven hours in total. Scroll below to find out more about the GED.


    The HiSet/TASC

    15 states offer the Hiset exam and 6 states offer the TASC exam. Here's a quick run through of the high level differences of the exams:

  • Cost : GED (~$80 and $5 for each additional test), Hiset(~$50 to$65), TASC(~$52-$65)
  • Subjects : All of them mostly test Reading, Writing, Math, and Social Studies and the Hiset/TASC test Science as well
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    Attend Community College Directly

    A bunch of programs give you the option to attend community college directly and complete your high school degree while you're still in college. The best way to find these options depending on your location is to identify the nearby community colleges and ask them about their Readiness programs and dual high school degree programs.


    Alternative High Schools & Online Education

    There are alternative high school options as well as the ability to take courses online and finish your degree.

  • Accredited online DECA programs: Citizen's High School, James Madison High School
  • Alternative high schools provide services such as babysitting and other forms of support as you finish your degree
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